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Why choose Insectpel?

Did you know that, every 30 seconds, a child dies from Malaria? That’s 3000 children a day. According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of Dengue has risen 30-fold over the past 30 years. Why? The disease is spreading at a rapid, alarming rate.

“Other life-threatening diseases transmitted by mosquitos, such as Zika, are spreading so fast that it could infect as many as 3 million to 4 million people within 12 months” – Washington Post.

Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine to protect humanity against the Zika virus. Preventing bites is the only way to protect ourselves.

Insectpel believes in age-old adage:''Prevention is better than cure''
Here's how we plan on making this happen


  • Who

    Insectpel fabrics have undergone extensive testing in German Labs, adhering to guidelines set out by WHO (The World Health Organization)

  • Self-Sufficient

    Coils, sprays, fumigators and creams can only do so much. Insectpel products do not depend on external factors at all.

  • protection

    If you don’t wash your blanket too often, it will impress you with how long it can last. Plus, you’re protected up to 30 washes, and something that lasts a lot longer than any old regular blanket.




  • No Side-Effects

    All Insectpel products are smokeless, odourless, and free from side-effects.

  • User-Friendly

    Our products are so easy to use, any child above the age of 1 can enjoy them.


  • 100% Cotton Design

    Super soft. Super comfortable. Super cosy. Made from premium breathable cotton.


    Extensive tests have concluded that our fabric does not cause any sort of allergic reaction.


    We’re got a stunning range of colours to choose from. Take your pick, and enjoy.

Our Product

Never before has such a revolutionary blanket been released in the market using advanced scientific methods to protect you and your loved ones from fatal mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and the Zika virus. We’re home to powerful protection technology fused into textiles and fibre products for uncompromised protection.

Insectpel Jr Blanket

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Insectpel Blanket

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