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Relax. We’ve got you covered.
The world’s deadliest animal?
You were going to say shark, weren’t you?
Think again.
Drum roll please… it’s…


Scared of sharks? They kill about 10 people a year. Any loss of life is a tragedy. However, when compared to the 1 million deaths caused by mosquito bites annually (asserted by the World Health Organization) sharks don’t seem so scary anymore…do they?

Ok, but what does this mean?

Here’s the problem. Mosquito-borne danger doesn’t only lurk in remote African jungles. It could be in your outside your window, or under your bed. Forget the Boogeyman.
The good news is that you can relax. Why? Because we’ve spent the past 4 and a half years researching and testing a revolutionary product designed take away the sense of fear associated with mosquitos, ticks and other insects, by preventing their bites in the first place – all with basically zero effort on your part.
Insectpel is the name, and stopping mosquitoes in their tracks is the game.

What is Insectpel?

Insectpel is an internationally-formulated and tested insect protection fabric, uniquely designed to help protect you from the merciless wrath of mosquito bites! The overarching mission is to keep you safe from life-threatening diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and the Zika virus. Additional protection is offered against nuisances like ticks, bed-bugs and midges.
Our fabric comprises of 100% premium lightweight cotton and is expertly treated with Permethrin. This is a contact-based insect protection formula that is odourless and colourless to provide optimal protection, comfort, and peace of mind.
The technology we use in our fabrics has been expertly formulated in Switzerland and lab-tested in Germany under the stringent guidelines set out by the one-and-only World Health Organization. Insectpel has further been recommended by none other than the Nigerian Army Medical Corps for soldiers on the field. What better validity of Insectpel’s value in the REAL world?

When did your desire to start Insectpel begin, and how was the process set into motion?

Tanveer Daswani

It sounds pretty obvious, but Insectpel started with the one mosquito bite that changed them all. When Malaria strikes you down and you can’t leave your bed for days on end, you have a lot of time to think. Trust me. In my case, Insectpel was one of the things I thought the most about. I had worked in Nigeria for several years. I was exposed to areas in the deep, dark pockets of the country that had succumbed to treacherously unhygienic conditions. Now, being diagnosed with Malaria once sounds pretty awful. Right? How about twice? How about thrice? This would be the story of my life. It took me standing on the razor’s edge of death’s door to realize that something needed to be done. Nigeria has given me so much. I wanted to give back. So, I did a whole lot of homework. I read every article I could find and studied all the research. That’s how my thoughts stumbled upon a solution. A solution that could help me solve, or at least reduce, the scourge of these deadly little creatures. That’s how Insectpel was born.


How will Insectpel make a difference?

Mosquito-borne illness and disease are everywhere. From Malaria to Dengue, the West Nile Virus, Zika, and everything in-between, mosquitoes are the king of the jungle right now. The real jungle and the concrete one. They’re everywhere, and there’s no better time than now to make Insectpel a reality for those who need it the most.

Insectpel is a simple and refreshingly affordable replacement for conventional repellents like coils, fumigators and creams. Insectpel has the potential to protect millions upon millions of lives. It’s also 100% user-friendly and dermatologically tested. No foul odours. No need to change anything. Ever. And its patented!


So, what’s the next step? Will Insectpel be the next revolution?

My team and I hope so. Insectpel truly is a revolutionary product. It’s for this reason that my first priority was to make the product available online, so anyone can access it from anywhere in the world. From here, our mission is to widen our product range. While we only have blankets available at the moment, we have a vision of branching into home fabrics and clothing. Only time will tell how far Insectpel will go.

Know your Insectpel


The formula used is odourless and invisible, and unlike traditional repellent creams and sprays, which are applied directly onto your skin, Insectpel’s formula is sealed into the fabric, for convenient and optimum protection.

How to use

Unlike other mosquito repellant products in the market, the blanket is free of any dependency. You only need Insectpel to protect you from the mosquitoes.