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The blanket that cares.

Our blanket was designed to protect you from insect bites, ensuring a good night’s rest, every night. It’s the perfect barrier to prevent mosquito and insect bites - knocking them down or repressing them. Use indoors or outdoors for maximum protection.

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Get a good night’s rest, time after time.

Crafted with utmost care and attention, this blanket is designed to keep your kids safe from life-threatening diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and the Zika Virus. It has been dermatologically tested for your peace of mind, convenience and comfort.

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Know your Insectpel


The formula used is odourless and invisible, and unlike traditional repellent creams and sprays, which are applied directly onto your skin, Insectpel’s formula is sealed into the fabric, for convenient and optimum protection.

How to use

Unlike other mosquito repellant products in the market, the blanket is free of any dependency. You only need Insectpel to protect you from the mosquitoes.